We supply a complete line of Stretch Films, Poly Bags, Poly Rolls and Multilayer flexible packaging products, and Stand-up pouches. We provide packaging solutions for both food and non-food products, tailored to your unique requirements. 

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Poly Bags

We are your trusted, industry-leading manufacturer of made-to-order, high-quality poly bags and plastic film products made right here in the USA.

We manufacture and supply custom poly bags and plastic film products including plastic liners, pallet covers, polyethylene tubing, and SWS and CF sheeting. Our products are manufactured to your custom specifications and according to the highest quality standards. 

We are committed to getting you the custom poly bag, liners, and film products you need when you need them.



Polybags are used to pack, store, and ship items of all kinds. 

  • Food Packaging. FDA-approved, food-safe poly bags keep foods fresh and prevent moisture or contamination. At the same time, they offer a simple and attractive way to display bakery items, produce, and bulk foods, especially when printed with custom branding elements.
  • Hardware Packaging. Small poly bags are an excellent, see-through solution for organizing hardware of different sizes or shapes. These packages are especially useful when shipping products with assembly requirements.
  • Bulk Packaging. Thin, plain bags are a cost-effective option for vendors that sell bulk goods of any kind. Applications range from single-use bags for bulk grocery customers to sturdier bags that contain pounds of animal feed.

Polybags can also protect, contain, and display non-food items of all types, including clothing, office supplies, home goods, and more.