While there are several package options for shipping various products, not all are suitable for each. There are various reasons for the choice you make, including the type of products, the location, the level of security, your budget, etc. That's why wood packaging becomes one of the most suitable solutions. Durable, economical, and easy to use, wood crates and pallets have many advantages.

Let us detail the difference between the two to help you make an informed decision when shipping or storing your products.

Wood Pallets

When shipping items in bulk, wood pallets are your best choice. They are very sturdy, making them ideal for shipping abroad. They can also support a lot of weight.

Since they are completely customizable, wood pallets can be used to carry a full range of materials pop. Compared to other shipping options such as shrink wrap. Wooden pallets are safe and are less likely to cause spills. Additionally, wood pallets can be moved quickly by one person on a forklift or pallet jack, minimizing exposures to injuries..

Corrugated pallets, in particular, are lightweight than all other options, Which makes them an ideal solution to save on shipping cost.

To top it off, pallets are made from wood scraps and can be reused many times. They correspond perfectly to environmental standards.



Wood Crates

Wood crates come in several options and various sizes depending on the independent intended purpose. There are frame crates designed for shipping heavy objects, open crates that provide ventilation to keep keeping food fresh and close crates to secure objects while shipping.

Oftentimes, wooden crates are used for packaging fragile or lightweight items and items that will be stored for an extended period of time. Wooden crates are more secure compared to their pallet counterparts, which is why they are used to ship and store valuables.

Benefits of wood crates

  • When shipping internationally, would crates offer flexibility even for small quantities.
  • Heavier items can be placed on the bottom while lighter ones on the top.
  • The crate is filled to capacity to avoid shifting of the enclosed products during transit
  • Use cushioning packaging materials to fill any excess space when the crate is not filled to capacity to avoid product movement.

Wooden crates and pallets are advantageous packagings for transporting various products. Since the material used is wood, certain standards and regulations must be respected.